Restaurant Review:
Yamaha Cafe

Box Park, Dubai

Box Park is home to not just Dubai’s but the world’s first Yamaha Café! Yamaha Café showcases bikes, bike accessories and more from Yamaha and other brands in a contemporary café style setting. In addition, you can sit on actual bikes and play video games while dining at the café.

  • Japanese Ice Matcha
  • Tokyo Sunrise
  • Japanese Matcha tea (Warm)

  • Cucumber rolls
  • YXZ Rainbow rolls
  • Sushi burger
  • Sea odyssey tempura
  • Japanese Mochi Dorayaki
We’ve been to Tokyo and are proper aficionados of Japanese food and thus, were extremely excited to try Yamaha Café out. We liked the Cucumber rolls and the different types of Sushi rolls on the platter but what really reminded us of the food in Tokyo was the Sea odyssey tempura; the palatable soupy noodles complemented by the shrimp tempura reminded us of the cold nights in Tokyo where a generous serving of hot Miso soup was how every meal began!

It was finally time for the finale! And was it grand or what? We were served Japanese Mochi Dorayaki, a combination of ice cream scoops with little pancakes filled with sweet red beans and garnished with fruits. Honestly, this dessert trumped everything else we had at Yamaha Café. Paired with the café’s Matcha Green Tea that they brew right in front of you and sell in store (it has a beautiful deep green shade, is quite strong but is the perfect end to the meal), this part of the meal was definitely the best!

Overall, the food at Yamaha Café, while not completely authentic Japanese fare, is decent, the dessert we had was brilliant and the service pleasant. Bikers and biking enthusiasts will enjoy their time at the restaurant that is adorned from top to bottom with everything bikes!