Restaurant Review:
Walter's Coffee Roastery

Dubai Mall

If you are both a Breaking Bad (AMC Network’s hit American crime drama) fan and a coffee connoisseur, then we have some great news for you! Inspired by the award-winning TV series and christened after the show’s protagonist Walter White (Bryan Cranston), Walter’s Coffee has officially opened its doors at The Dubai Mall and arrives in our city after tasting success in Istanbul and Brooklyn, New York. 

We couldn’t help but take along a huge Breaking Bad fan who was visiting us from Chicago and one half of Stamps and Stubs too is a huge fan of the show. Needless to say everything about the café delighted them; right from the décor, complete with a Breaking Bad inspired periodic table on one side, to the servers dressed in bright versions of the Breaking bad jumpsuit and even the glass enclosed ‘laboratory’ central to the restaurant, we loved the different allusions to the show. You can also take home a trendy jumpsuit or a coffee machine from the selection of products they have on sale at the café.  
We sampled both cold and hot brews but what really delighted all three of us was the preparation of the hot brew! We were escorted to the lab and treated to a presentation replete with smoke, machines, beakers and everything else that would remind you of the antics of the chemistry teacher Walter White in the show and we couldn’t help but feel like guest stars on an episode of the show.

Walter’s Coffee stays true to its inspiration and also continues to strengthen its dedication to creating the perfect coffee in its coffee laboratory. In fact, even if you’re not a coffee enthusiast just like one half of Stamps and Stubs isn’t, there are other delicious blends including shakes for you to choose from and honestly, who can resist some theatrics and the feeling of being in one of the most successful shows in recent times? We definitely can’t!