Restaurant Review:
Tribes Carnivore

Dubai Mall

When the first Tribes restaurant opened its doors in Mall of The Emirates a few years ago, we were not just excited to try it but also enjoyed learning more about the different food that comes from the African continent. We were quite fond of the diverse menu, the exciting ‘Game of the day’ and the routine African themed performances among other vivid features of the restaurant. Our interest in food from the African continent grew even more after our trip to Cape Town earlier this year. In Cape Town, we tried South African food along with other delicacies from around the continent and so when Tribes Carnivore reached out to us for a tasting, we were delighted! Tribes Carnivore is located in The Dubai Mall and came into being in April 2017. Unlike its predecessor, Tribes Carnivore boasts of an all you can eat selection of ribs, steaks, chicken drumsticks, spiced prawns and more!  
Like the continent that the restaurant hails from, Tribes Carnivore is lively and energetic whether in its décor, ambiance or staff! Prior to beginning with mains, there’s a salad and appetizer bar with a bunch of different dishes to choose from. Our favorites from this section were the following:

  • Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese
  • Classic Potato Salad
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Beetroot Hummus
  • Pasta Salad

There’s much more to choose from but these stood out in our opinions!
The sparkling drinks we enjoyed alongside our food were:

  • Aroma of Africa: Green Apple juice, cinnamon essence, fresh lime, mint leaves and lemonade
  • African Sunset: Mandarin puree, mango and orange juice with fresh passion fruit

On the insistence of one of our servers, we also tried the Tribes Special; Raspberry puree, strawberry juice and fresh lime with fresh rosemary syrup and fresh mint which arrived in a funky Tiki glass! For us, Aroma of Africa won the award for best drink at Tribes while the Tribes Special got best presentation! The Aroma of Africa is plain perfect; it tastes like the drink form of minty chewing gum that you;ve just popped into your mouth.
Subsequent to the salads and starters, skewer after skewer of meats, chicken and more made their way to our table. We must mention here that we don’t eat beef and to our pleasant surprise that was inconsequential as there’s still quite a bit to eat other than beef. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Chicken Drumsticks
  • Spiced Prawns
  • Lamb Patties
  • Tender Lamb Chops

These juicy treats were majestic in both presentation and taste and we enjoyed a few rounds of each during our session after which we were served the palate cleanser; Pineapple in Spiced cinnamon on a skewer. 
Now for the grand finale; the Caramel Malva Cake. This South African dessert gets a dramatic presentation at Tribes Carnivore and we are not kidding when we say dramatic. An enormous, deep bowl filled with smoke containing the cake and a bowl of Vanilla ice cream was brought to us by a group of servers singing a traditional song from one of the African countries. As this performance goes on, two from the group aim blowtorches at the cake, caramelizing it in front us. We were like children watching a show as this went on and finally (although we didn’t want the demonstration to end), the caramel had melted to perfection and the Caramel Malva cake was ready to be eaten. All we will say is that make sure you’ve got plenty of room for this dessert because every bite is worth EVERY calorie.

As we mentioned earlier, if you like us don’t eat beef, you’ll still have a lot to choose from at Tribes Carnivore so do not let that discourage you from visiting the restaurant. Another thing we have to mention is the unparalleled view of the Dubai Fountain that you get from the restaurant’s outdoor terrace. During our session, we escaped from our table a good four times to gaze at and film the fountain which honestly never ceases to amaze us. So, if you want a nice meal in a vivacious setting with a killer view of the iconic Dubai Fountain, then Tribes Carnivore is the place to go!