Restaurant Review:

Nassima Royal Hotel,
Sheikh Zayed Road

A connoisseur of food or not, chances are that you have probably heard of Tresind, a contemporary Indian restaurant that swears by molecular gastronomy and is currently one of the most sought after dining destinations (with good reason) in Dubai!

We have eaten at Tresind on different occasions previously; in fact we even had an Iftar preview during Ramadan last year and absolutely loved it, so obviously we were extremely excited to be attending their Iftar preview this year too.

Amuse Bouche

  • Date candy
  • Saffron and almond milk
  • Steamed edamame, wild zaatar
  • Salad of the day
  • Crudités
  • Meat fruit
  • Fruit jar


We weren’t just eating with our mouths, we were also feasting on the arrangements with our eyes! A lovely long tray surrounded by fences housed the diversity of little appetizers and our favorites were the Saffron & Almond milk, the crudités with a delicious dip and the meat fruit. The salad of the day which was an eggplant based one was slightly too bitter for out tastes but every other item on the list made for a pleasing start to what lay ahead.


  • Lava Lamp Mocktail
  • Scottish on the Rose
  • Indian Summer
Who remembers how cool Chemistry was in school when we started doing simple experiments in the Science Lab? Well, when the Lava Lamp Mocktail was brought to our table, we felt that very exhilaration we did in school as the server began pouring and mixing this elaborate drink. Colors change, bubbles are seen, sounds are heard and smoke escapes as this concoction is being prepared and it is thrilling to watch. Truly molecular gastronomy at its best. This drink is passion fruit and berry based!

The gracious Mixologist also treated us to two other drinks; Scottish on the rose, a funny, rather punny take on the Scottish on the Rocks is an amalgamation of cucumber, coriander and lemonade paired with the renowned Hendricks gin and infused with actual rose petals. The other drink, Indian summer, is Gin-based too and combines pomegranate with tangy lemon juice and a rim embellished with CHAAT MASALA! How’s that for unique? While the presentation of the Lava Lamp mocktail impressed us, the latter two won in terms of taste, perfectly complementing the diversity of food we were treated to at the restaurant.


  • Baby chicken Biryani
  • Tiger prawn Biryani
  • Lamb nihari
  • Venison – laal maas
  • Roast chicken
  • Roast lamb chops  
Choice of Sides

  • Burnt butter couscous
  • Creamed mushrooms
  • Tempura chili
  • chicken keema, Green chili zhug
  • Lamb kofta
  • Raita

The two items that really captivated us both for their aromas, essences and appearances were the Lamb Nihari and the Venison Laal maas!  While the Lamb Nihari is essentially an Australian Lamb Chop that gets a Desi twist, the Laal Maas, a meat curry from Rajasthan is lent a unique touch with the addition of Venison to it! The flavors in these dishes are delightful! We enjoyed the Roast Lamb chops followed by the Roast chicken but while the two Biryanis were tasty they were nothing to write home about. With respect to the sides, the clear winner was the creamed mushroom, which was swiftly devoured by even that half of Stamps and Stubs who is not really a mushroom fan.  They flaunted a deliciously creamy, cheesy taste and texture and are a must have off this menu. Close seconds were the Tempura Chili and the Lamb Kofta while in our opinions, the Chicken Keema with little Pav buns would have fared better had the keema been mutton.

  • Kulfi with Saffron
  • Mithai (Indian Sweets) Platter
  • Mango Phirni Popsicle
The pre-dessert, Kulfi with Saffron arrived in wooden bowls and was a tasty treat to start the desserts off with! Subsequently, we were served the colorful mithai platter that had tinier versions of assorted Indian sweets (some like the Gulab Jamun and Rasgulla appealed to us while others not so much). We also tried one of their newer desserts, the Mango Phirni Popsicle. Summer brings with it the season of ripe, delicious mangoes so how could we resist? With regard to its appearance, this dessert gets full marks! Taste-wise though, while the Phirni alone was delicious, we didn’t think this one matched up to its appearance or our expectations. Honestly, we suggest going for old favorites from Tresind, like the Daulat ki Chaat, Deconstructed Black forest cake and the Paan Cotton Candy, all the decadent desserts we’ve had at Tresind hitherto that have left great impressions on us and definitely trump this year’s selection!
So what did we think about Tresind’s Iftar menu this year? We did relish the variety of dishes and tweaks that are characteristic of Tresind this year too, however to be very honest, we found the novelty and surprise elements that were rife in last year’s menu, absent in this one.