Restaurant Review:
The Manhattan Fish Market

Dubai Festival City

Inspired by the Fulton fish market which, once upon a time was located near the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in New York, the Manhattan fish market with outlets across Asia and the Middle East is finally in Dubai! The restaurant chain offers American style seafood in a fun setting in their bright and cozy location at the Dubai Festival City.
We attended a tasting at the restaurant’s newest branch and here’s everything we had:


  • Lemongrass Cooler: Infused With Natural Flavors Of Lemongrass, Lychee And Aloe Vera, The Icy Chamomile Tea Helps Improve Digestion And Promote Healthier Skin
  • Sweet Alabama: An Indulging Treat Of Chocolate, Peanut Butter And Vanilla Ice Cream
Food & Sides

  • Fried Calamari: Lightly Battered Calamari And Veggie Sticks, Fried To A Crunchy Golden Brown And Served With Smoky Chipotle Sauce For An Extra Kick.
  • Fishy Chicky Bang Bang: A Match Made In Cheddar Cheese Heaven With A Dory Fillet On One Side And A Chicken Fillet On The Other. Comes With A Sunny Side Up On A Spaghetti Bed.
  • Manhattan Star Platter Superstar Lineup: Spicy Baked Fish, Grilled Calamari, Fried Oysters And Poached Garlic Herb Mussels And Manhattan Flaming Prawns
  • Chippy Chips
  • Pepper Mash

  • Sizzling Banana Fritters With Ice Cream: Hot And Crispy Banana Fritters In Sizzling Coconut Cream And Chocolate Ice Cream.

The best part about the food at Manhattan fish market is that because of the plethora of flavors and garnishes, it appeals to both seafood fanatics, or rather fin-atics as the restaurant dubs it, and those who don’t enjoy it as much (at least the food appealed to both of us and we’ve mentioned previously that one of us isn’t too fond of seafood). We recommend the Fishy chicky bang bang wherein every bite is a mouthful of delicious chicken and fish and a princely helping of cheese! As we’ve always maintained, cheese definitely makes everything better. The sides and starter complemented the mains well and the components of the star platter were tasty to boot. Our only negative comment is regarding the spicy fish in the star platter, it was merely high on spice but lacked flavor on the whole. Basically, every bite was either just a serving of spice or a forkful of bland fish. The banana fritters were a pleasant surprise! There are only a handful of banana based desserts that we relish and we are adding this one to the list. We had it with chocolate ice cream this time but believe that Vanilla would be a better fit and that’s what we intend to have it with the next time around.

Overall, Manhattan fish market is the ideal place to spend some casual, relaxing moments with family and friends.