Restaurant Review:
The Lounge

Nassima Royal Hotel

With the kind of busy lifestyles we lead, an evening of relaxation as the weekend dawns is something we welcome eagerly. We recently spent a Thursday evening doing just that at a wine and cheese tasting in the company of like-minded individuals at the Nassima Royal’s revamped and now even more elegant Lobby Lounge. Located on the ground floor of the sprawling hotel, the warmly lit Lobby is embellished with towering, intricate mirrors, tall chairs and tables for groups and more intimate areas with plush couches. A flamboyant bar makes up one side of the Lounge while a trolley with a variety of beverages is placed next to our table as well. The most eye-catching aspect of the restaurant for the cheese aficionado amongst us was of course, the spacious cheese tables that formed a semi-circle around one of the pillars in the restaurant. Piled high with cheeses from around the world, it is the stuff of dreams for cheese lovers. 
Whether you’re a fan of creamy and mild cheeses or would rather feast on more pungent ones, the Lobby’s Wine and cheese night has it all! Brie, Parmesan, Camembert, Cheddar and other artisanal cheeses lay in wait for connoisseurs and our absolutely favorite from the selection had to be soft, creamy, garlic and herb infused Boursin. This one in particular commanded multiple visits to the cheese counter even till just mere minutes were left for the evening to end. There are also platters of bruschetta, canapés, soup sticks, crackers fruits and the servers also put down some exotic little bites created with pumpkin, salmon, chicken tikka and more. With regard to the drinks; on arrival, you are served a delicious non-alcoholic Passion-Fruit cocktail after which the server serves you and refills your glasses with your drinks of choice. We sampled some delicious Red Wine, undoubtedly the ideal pairing. 
While the unlimited wine and cheese night is held every Thursday between 6 pm and 10 pm, the Lounge itself is open 24 hours daily and serves up a diversity of drinks, light snacks, refreshments and pastries and is the perfect place for some unwinding!