Restaurant Review:

The Mall, Dubai

With a name like Swaadish (Swaadisht means delicious and flavorful in Hindi), you can bet the restaurant has a major task in living up to its name! We were recently invited for a tasting at Swaadish, located in the food court of The Mall, Jumeirah and this is how our session at the homegrown restaurant went.
We were introduced to the concept by Swaadish founder, Mr. Raza Abbas, who himself is a trained Chef and clearly has a passion for food (this shared passion led to quite a fun, long conversation until we caught sight of the menu). The no nonsense menu is home to some very interesting traditional dishes and more contemporary combinations and here is everything we had:


  • Detox Black Salt Lemonade
  • Rooh Afza Mojito
Appetizers & Mains

  • Doritos Chana Chaat
  • Assorted Salad from the salad bar
  • Chicken Gola Kabab
  • Spicy Tawa Chicken
  • Butter Chicken
  • Mutton Peshawari
  • Garlic Naan, Butter Naan, Cheese Naan and Plain Naan


• Nutella Samosas

Have you guys heard of Shikanji (also called Shikanjvi)? It’s a popular drink made in North Indian households including ours that mothers often give their children on particularly hot days! The Detox Black Salt Lemonade was just that and reminded us of these refreshing and healthy drinks we used to have as kids and enjoy even now. The Rooh Afza mojito had the goodness of Rooh Afza unite with the sparkle of a Mojito; an interesting drink. With regard to the food! The Doritos Chana Chaat was the perfect mashup of a Desi (something from the subcontinent) favorite and the much-loved tortilla chips and we quite liked this appetizer. While the chicken gola kababs were delicious and we think will appeal to a lot of palates, the spicy tawa chicken is pretty much the domain of people who love spicy food. As for the final two mains, we enjoyed them both but as we continued eating them, the flavors eventually mirrored each other. The ones that stood out in the selection of Naan were the Cheese and Garlic versions and how well they paired with the Kababs and gravy dishes on the table.

It was finally time for those precious Nutella Samosas, a dessert we’d read and seen so much about! When they finally arrived at our table, our first reaction had us gaping at the sizes! These weren’t tiny triangles filled with chocolate but proper Punjabi Samosas and if you’ve ever eaten Punjabi samosas or any Punjabi food for that matter, you know quantity matters as much as quality! To cut a long story short, these warm samosas are perfect treats and every bite is a lovely blend of Samosa crust and rich Nutella. Well done Swaadish, you’ve won the dessert game.

For some flavorful Desi food, head to Swaadish; but remember to save space for those Nutella Samosas, you won’t regret it!