Restaurant Review:
Sushi Burrito


Fusion food is all the rage these days and it’s the turn of Japanese food fans to rejoice as there’s a cool new concept in Dubai! Combining traditional and modern Japanese cooking styles and ingredients, Sushi Burrito brings a unique twist to Sushi and more, with the very popular Poke bowls and fun sushi burritos making prominent appearances on the menu. The restaurant is adorned with colorful cherry blossom trees and vibrant murals of Geishas and quite reminded us of the restaurants we frequented when we visited Tokyo a few years ago. Here is everything we had at the restaurant:

Poke Bowls

  • Spicy Salmon Poke Bowl: Sushi Burrito’s special sauce, sesame dressing, guacamole, caviar, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, edamame, spicy mayo and nuts
  • Crunchy Salmon Poke Bowl: Sesame dressing, caviar, guacamole, lettuce, cucumber, edamame, carrots, jalapeno and nuts
  • You can choose the same versions as Burritos as well.

Maki Rolls

  • California Roll
  • Dorito


  • Matcha and Mango Mochi

We paired the food with Pina Coladas and a Berry Lime mocktail. The poke bowls are refreshing and quite sufficient as meals on their own and were filled to the brim with multihued, fresh vegetables and other ingredients. But of course, there’s no way we can pass up some Maki rolls when dining at a Japanese restaurant. We really enjoyed the Dorito Maki Rolls and the mango mocha was the perfect way to end the meal!

Overall, Sushi Burrito is an interesting concept that brings the best of two worlds together and is pleasing to the taste buds and stomach to boot.  
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