Restaurant Review:

Riverland, Dubai Parks & Resorts

A recent tasting took us back to an area that we’ve been frequenting a lot lately and happily so; Dubai Parks & Resorts. Situated in the common area of the sprawling parks, Riverland, Superchix is a chicken and custard restaurant that lands in Dubai from the US and aims to showcase its passion for all things chicken through burgers and more. The chicken is preservative free and cooked in well researched peanut oil that can be eaten by those with peanut allergies as well (as per the restaurant).
Here is everything we had at our tasting:

Chicken Sandwiches (A large filet prepared from scratch and paired with a butter toasted potato bun)

  • Nashville Hot Chicken (Hand Breaded): Marinated With Heat And Tossed In Their Signature Nashville Sauce
  • Grilled: Hand Pounded Filet Perfectly Seasoned And Served With Tomato, Lettuce And Crinkle Cut Pickles On A Butter Toasted Potato Bun (We Added Some Cheddar Cheese To This One)

Tenders and Sides

  • 3 Piece Tenders With All The Sauces (Nashville Hot, Honey Mustard, Dill Ranch, Mississippi Comeback And Garlic Mayo)
  • Hand-Cut Fries (With Rosemary Black Pepper)
  • Southern Cole Slaw


  • Hand Spun Chocolate And Vanilla Shakes That They Create With Their Signature Custards
We can safely say that their claims are not tall and that Superchix indeed are super into chicken as they say. Juicy chicken and delicious buns make for the best combination, the Nashville variant trumped the grilled one. The tenders too were quite appetizing and we enjoyed them most paired with the Dill Ranch and Honey Mustard sauces. The hand cut fries were light and delicious and with good reason because Superchix use the ‘highest quality potatoes,’ that are selected after they’ve met the strictest ‘growing, storing, and shipping standards and are never genetically modified.’

Now for the milkshakes and desserts! A place that serves a variety of custards is something that we found really unique! And boy, were they tasty. The flavor of the month was the strawberry shortcake and we couldn’t get enough of this, the chocolate and the vanilla versions. Despite having had the monster shakes, Edwin the restaurant Manager, got us three delightful cups of custard and had we had a little more room left, we’d have eaten our way through all three (we did get through most of the strawberry shortcake though).

Overall, Superchix is the place to go to for some decent burgers, guilt free sides and delicious custard, all in the heart of one of the most colorful places in Dubai!