Restaurant Review:


People from Mumbai, India, residing in Dubai had much to cheer about lately as one of the city’s very popular restaurants opened its doors here in December 2016.  Known as the experts of molecular cuisine in Mumbai, SpiceKlub serves up a variety of Indian classics from different parts of the country each one boasting of unique, contemporary twists. And guess what, the fare is all vegetarian; a fact that we really welcomed because we have quite a few vegetarians among our friends and familial circles who usually wish for more options when dining at other molecular gastronomy based outlets. As neither of us are from Mumbai, we weren’t aware of the restaurant’s great reputation in India, so we went in as unbiased guests when we were invited to try the restaurant out. Here’s everything we had:

  • Coconut Water With Assorted Caviar
  • Kokum Margherita With Chilli Caviar (Kokum Is A Plant In The Mangosteen Family And The Fruit Is Slightly Thick And Sweet)

You may be thinking that these drinks sound simple with some classy add-ons but wait - Yes these are in the drinks sections but we don’t drink them, we EAT them. Now this is what you call a twist! These chilled, edible drinks, especially the coconut one, made for great accompaniments to our meal which went into slightly extra spicy territory at times.
Appetizers & Mains:

  • Roomali Cheese Papad: Blue Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Parmesan And Slow Processed Cheese With Coriander And Chili Arrives With Eight Different Dipping Sauces; Four Jain (Amritsari Imli, Green Chutney, Cabbage With Walnut & Chunda) And Four Non-Jain Chutneys (Black Olives & Chili, Pancharanga Pickle, Yogurt & Garlic, Radish With Walnut)
  • Pav Bhaji Fondue: Cheese Pav Bhaji Transformed Into A Mousse And Served In A Fondue Pot
  • Mushroom & Spinach Shashlik: Barbecued Mushrooms Stuffed With Spinach And Cheese
  • Hazari Paneer Tikka: Cottage Cheese Cubes Marinated In Hung Yogurt And Topped With Freshly Chopped Onions, Chilies And Coriander, Barbecued In A Clay Oven With Onions And Capsicums
  • Kesari Paneer Tikka: Cottage Cheese Cubes Marinated In Hung Yogurt And Flavored With Cream And Saffron, Barbecued In A Clay Oven With Onions And Capsicums
  • Corn Capsicum Mushroom Masala: Corn, Capsicum And Mushroom Cooked In Spicy Sauce
  • Veg Tawa Khada Masala: Medley Of Vegetables Sautéed Over High Flame In An Onion Sauce
  • Veg Dum Biryani
  • Laccha Paratha And Assorted Naan

The novelty of it all really floored us! The much loved Pav Bhaji arriving in Fondue Form or the mash up between a Roomali Roti and Papad garnished with lots and lots of cheese, who wouldn’t be squealing with excitement! With regard to taste; we were thoroughly enjoying the Roomali Papad until we got to the chili bits which honestly were slightly too spicy for our tastes, especially for that one of us that doesn’t eat much spice. The cheese though and the coconut edible drink helped loads. The Pav Bhaji and kebabs were delicious and it was fun to actually be using a fondue for Indian food. The gravy dishes were tasty too but it was the vegetarian Dum Biryani that we absolutely loved from the mains. A must have for sure!

Rabdi Panacotta: Panacotta Bar Made With Rabdi, Served With Berry Ice Cream And Milk Cake
Volcano: Chocolate Mousse With Peru Jelly And Kesar Milk

After an Indian meal, dessert is a must, although for us dessert is a must regardless of mealtime or not.  Before we digress further let’s discuss the desserts we had at SpiceKlub. Now, we are big Rabdi fans and cannot resist the creamy dessert so we were obviously thrilled to receive the former. But then, we are also aficionados of chocolate, so the arrival of the latter excited us as well and even more so because of its interesting presentation! Staying true to its name, the latter is a ball of chocolate that houses some peru jelly and comes with a syringe filled with warm kesar milk which when squirted atop the dessert created a bubbling volcano. Our school science projects came to mind! Overall, both desserts, which by the way are eggless, were lovely ends to the meal although we would have preferred the Volcano sans the jelly (but that’s just us).
SpiceKlub also offers healthy bread options and more and is completely vegetarian with even the desserts created sans eggs (as mentioned above). Although we weren’t familiar with SpiceKlub prior to its inauguration in Dubai, we now are and shall definitely be going back with more people in tow. Dining at the restaurant was also extra special as it has been brought to the city by a close friend of ours and we wish him and the restaurant the very best of luck!