Restaurant Review:
So South


So South is a brand new South Indian restaurant nestled in Cluster C of Jumeirah Lakes Towers, albeit with a twist beyond the usual. At So South, you get the usual South Indian fare; Idlis (steamed rice cake), Vadas (deep-fried doughnut made from pulses), Dosas (pancake made from rice flour and pulses) and more, but the difference is that you can customize them into healthier options based on your preference. Here’s everything we had at our recent tasting:


  • Cheese Dosa (With Mozzarella Cheese)
  • Vegan Masala Dosa
  • Idli/Vada
  • Green Protein Dosa With Sweet Potato

The cheese and masala dosas were tasty and reminiscent of others that we’ve had previously but it was the Green Protein Dosa that was a pleasant surprise. Another dish that dispels the myth that healthy cannot be tasty, this dosa was both flavorful and light on the stomach and with sweet potato as a complement, it made for a very appetizing main! With regard to the Idli/Vada dish, we felt that the Vadas trumped the Idlis. Another highlight that we must mention are the dipping sauces that the food comes with. Now, in traditional South Indian restaurants or rather practically every South Indian restaurant, the sauces that are offered are the Coconut chutney, Sambhar (a lentil, vegetables and tamarind based broth) and some others. The coconut chutney usually considered a staple at these restaurants has been replaced at So South with a peanut chutney and we would have to say despite having our reservations initially, we actually liked this touch and didn’t miss the coconut variant much, if at all! The other dipping sauces that come with the meal include a tomato based chutney and a ginger one.


  • Nutella & Nuts Dosa

The Nutella dosa is similar to a crepe and our only comment is that, more Nutella would have made it even better!

We got the chance to meet one of the founders, Abhishek, and learn more about the restaurant and appreciate the attention to detail they have put into the menu and more.

Abhishek is a South Indian himself and paid painstaking attention towards the quality of the food, the dishes on offer and even sourced Chefs from a prominent restaurant from his home city. Overall, we enjoyed the twists on the typical that you can find at So South!
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