Restaurant Review:
Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor

Melia Hotel, Mankhool

Ramadan is fast approaching and Iftar previews are in the air! One of our recent ones was at Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor at the Melia Hotel in Dubai. Prominent Indian Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s restaurant positions itself as an authentic, fine-dining experience “serving progressive Indian cuisine with signature dishes that showcase quintessential Indian ingredients and cooking techniques.”

The restaurant boasts of a graceful ambiance, stylish décor, nice dim lighting and also had some additional pleasing touches signifying the Holy month, like lit up crescent moons and other such. Our tables were already laid out with fresh fruit, assorted Baklawa, dates, chocolate covered strawberries, Arabic salads, dry fruits and other little perfect tidbits to break ones fast with. Soon after, little spoons carrying the lemongrass-mango amuse bouche arrived at the table along with some appetizing Gol-gappas/Pani Puris. We absolutely loved the presentation of the Gol-Gappas!

With regard to the drinks, we got to choose from three popular Ramadan staples; Jallab, Qamardeen and Rooh Afza.


  • Saffron Scented Prawns
  • Olive & Nuts stuffed Chicken Roulade
  • Sumac Spiked Grilled Fish
  • Charcoal Roast Lamb Chop
  • Papads with miscellaneous chutneys

The appetizers were pretty good, both in looks and taste, especially the stuffed Chicken and the Sumac Spiked Grilled fish. That is not to say the other tasters fell short, in fact each one had its own unique burst of flavor but the two mentioned above inched slightly ahead of the lot. One half of Stamps & Stubs is not a fan of too much spice so eating the piquant lamb chop, albeit tasty, was quite a test for that half. The Chutneys that came with the Papads created quite a stir for their unusual pairings such as the Pineapple with mint, tomato and salsa among others.

  • Dum Ka Murg
  • Kabuli Channa Gosht
  • Lalla Mussa Daal
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Assorted Indian Breads

We were really looking forward to this part of the meal but not everything pleased us. The Kabuli Channa Gosht and Chicken Biryani were our most preferred dishes of the lot while the overwhelming Cardamom taste of the Dum Ka Murg did not appeal to us at all. The creamy Lalla Mussa Daal was reminiscent of Daal Makhani.



  • Mahalabia
  • Phirnee
  • Chenna Angoori
  • Malpua

Little glasses and saucepans holding the desserts were placed on a lovely circular three-tiered stand and this presentation had us squealing with excitement. The Chenna Angoori and Mahalabia were the good ones from this selection.

In addition to the food, sheesha enthusiasts can treat themselves to some interesting flavors of sheesha housed in psychedelic bowls of diverse shapes! All in all, we had a pleasant experience at Signature and found their presentation and hospitality top-notch.

The Iftar at Signature is priced at AED 149 pp.