Restaurant Review:
Seattle's Best Coffee

Dubai Festival City
​Dubai, UAE

So imagine our shock and surprise (all pleasant) when we went for a tasting of Seattle’s Best Coffee (SBC)’s new menu and discovered that we were actually at a triple tasting; what we mean is that we got to try not just SBC but Cinnabon and Carvel’s ice cream too! Neither SBC nor Cinnabon are new to Dubai but they have definitely established themselves among the crowd. We visited the Festival City Branch and nestled in a cozy corner across Ikea, the combination of restaurants present the perfect coffee shop vibe rife with comfortable seating, delicious aromas and bright smiles. Here is everything we had at our tasting:

  • Lite Chicken Pumpkin Salad
  • Delightul Beetroot Hummus
  • Classic Labneh with Zaatar
  • Pulled BBQ Chicken
  • Cheesy Chicken
  • Pesto Halloumi

What we really liked about the food was that once done you didn’t feel bloated or full to the brim and definitely had space for dessert. With respect to flavors, our favorites were the Labneh with Zaatar dip and the three sandwiches. Their deliciousness lay in their simplicity.

  • Banana and Strawberry Chillata
  • Cinnabon flavored Caramel Chillata
  • Caramel Pecabon
  • Nutella Cinnabon
  • Original Cinnabon

Cinnabon needs no introduction and a visit to the vicinity of a Cinnabon means you have to have some of their goodies; at least that’s how it is for us. We sampled the brand new Nutella bon and took home some classics. Needless to say, no disappointment there!

  • Carvel Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl with Sprinkles and Heath’s Toffee

Touted ‘America’s freshest ice cream,’ Carvel’s Festival City branch features a simple selection of creamy ice cream and we opted for the chocolate and vanilla swirl with our choice of toppings. Loved it! The perfect treat to end the meal.

SBC and the other restaurants, need no introduction, but we’d like to end by saying that we give the new menu and the outlet’s characteristic coziness a Yay!  
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