Restaurant Review:
Saleem's of Delhi

Al Karama

If there’s one thing we Delhiites take very seriously, it’s our food! Delhi, with its rich history and even richer food has gained the reputation of being a city of and for food connoisseurs and we’d say with good reason.  Ever since our tasting session at Saleem’s of Delhi was scheduled, we at Stamps & Stubs spent all our time conjuring up images of the opulent delicacies we would be treated to when the day finally arrived. Moving away from our musings, here’s a little bit about Saleem’s of Delhi, located in Karama. Saleem’s brings the old world charm of the restaurants and lively markets surrounding Jama Masjid in Purani Dilli, literally translated to Old Delhi, to the heart of Dubai where you get to feast on a variety of Kebabs followed by classic Mughlai dishes and rounded off with some mouth-watering desserts.


  • Tornado Twist
  • Cucumber Julep

The sweltering weather ensured that we happily guzzled the cranberry and cucumber based drinks!


  • Murg Zafrani Tikka: Chicken morsels with an exotic spice marinade, cooked in a clay oven.
  • Badshahi Kalmi Kebab: A delightful preparation of the chicken thigh
  • Tandoori Fish: Chunks of fish marinated in Saleem’s spice finished in Tandoor
  • Mutton Seekh Kebab: Saleem’s special kebab mince slow-cooked over charcoal
  • Pudina Paneer Tikka: Pieces of cottage cheese in a fresh mint marinade cooked in a clay oven
  • Dahi ke Sholey: Lightly spiced deep-fried sholey with a creamy vegetable filling
  • Kumbh Tikka: Stuffed mushrooms with garlic and cheese finished in a tandoor
  • Kaju Mutter Pudina Tikki: Shallow fried patties of pea mint and cashew nut

​The winners in their respective categories were the Badshahi Kalmi Kebab and Dahi ke Sholey. Flavors, textures, fragrances, everything was top-notch! The rest of the appetizers were delicious too and did indeed melt in our mouths.

  • Murg Musallam: An Awadhi delicacy of fine balance of rich sauce and pieces of chicken
  • Shahi Qorma: Traditional Mughlai Mutton preparation with yoghurt, nuts and selected spices
  • Aloo Udaigiri: Baby potato stir fried with delightful spices and fresh herbs
  • Dum Gosht Biryani: Pieces of mutton cooked in aromatic Basmati rice cooked in traditional Mughlai style
  • Rumali Roti & Butter Naan

Our favorite from the mains was the Aloo Udaigiri; we relish our home-cooked baby potatoes and quite enjoyed the ones at Saleem’s too! An appetizing must-have. Can’t really say the same about the rest of the mains as they were too heavy on the spices and had nearly identical flavors. In terms of texture, the mutton in the Shahi Qorma and Biryani were brilliant. The Biryani though was more a Mutton Pulao than a traditional Biryani, nevertheless it had some pleasantly distinct flavors.

  • Shahi Tukra: Rich, light dessert made with bread soaked in milk and nuts
  • Kesari Firni: Royal rice pudding flavored with saffron

​Ah! Who can resist some Indian sweet treats, especially those that bring back fond memories. Let us tell you that when they use terms like rich and royal to describe these desserts, they are not exaggerating! Sink your teeth into these Delhi delicacies and you will be singing their praises too.
With its décor mirroring the peeling walls of old Delhi and ornamented with paintings of Mughal emperors and more, Saleem’s of Delhi boasts of an old-world charm that will indubitably remind Delhiites of the allure of our city while giving others a pleasant little glimpse into it. Adding to the antique appeal of the restaurant are the classic Indian film songs that regale you as you work on your meal. All in all, we enjoyed dining at Saleem’s of Delhi, more so for its ambiance than the food on offer.