Restaurant Review:
Sahara Grill

The Mall
Umm Suqeim

We met one of the founders of Sahara Grill at our recent tasting at the restaurant and learnt that the restaurant was instituted by a group of friends in London during a time when the options for Halal dining in the UK were limited. Understanding the need for a restaurant that matched the taste of Halal home-cooking and offered an enjoyable food experience as a whole, the friends founded Sahara Grill. In their words, “The challenge was to introduce our diners to new flavor combinations while at the same time, satisfy their existing palate … but most of all we wanted to provide quality when the demand always seemed to focus on a low price meal.”  Sahara Grill’s menu combines a variety of premium Halal meat, seafood and steak dishes that flaunt unique and time honored grill preparations and ingredients.

Here is everything we had at our session:


  • Coconut Crush: Pineapple & coconut milk
  • Lemon & Mint crush: Lemon and mint blended with crushed ice

The former was an interesting mix while the latter is something we’ve had umpteen times at different restaurants, what they had in common was that they both refreshed and were much needed for the kind of meal we had!

  • Sahara Lamb Chops (New Zealand Lamb): Tender lamb chops marinated in Sahara Grill’s signature spices & flame-grilled to your liking.
  • Sahara Shrimp: Battered shrimp, deep-fried & coated with their signature sauce.
  • Buffalo Wings: Fresh tender chicken wings in a spicy, hot and tangy sauce. Served with sour cream and chives.

What a task to pick our favorites from the lot! While one of us went gaga over the lamb, the other couldn’t get enough of the chicken wings. That is not to say that we ignored the shrimp which was the dish we both shared equally. Overall, great starts to the meal and you can dictate the amount of spice you want which was a relief for that half of Stamps and Stubs that doesn’t eat spicy food. 

  • Sahara Burger: Marinated chicken fillet in Sahara Grill spices, recommended with BBQ sauce
  • Sahara flame-grilled chicken: Fresh chicken on the bone marinated in signature Sahara grill spices and flame-grilled to order. The dish comes with rice and salad and you can choose from a quarter or half portion.
  • Sahara Lamb Fillet steak: New Zealand Lamb marinated in Sahara spices & flame-grilled to your liking. Served with caramelized onions, a side order of your choice & picante gravy. We picked the mashed potatoes as our side order.

It is worth noting that the chicken used in Sahara Grill is fresh and locally sourced, not frozen. Over the course of our conversation with the founder we also learnt that the guys are clear and knowledgeable about the meat they want and the countries they want it from and make sure they go through the trouble of getting it. With respect to the mains, we enjoyed all three but were once again divided over the Lamb steak and the flame-grilled chicken. The burger, while juicy and tasty was a simple one and nothing that we haven’t had before. However, on the whole, the food was palatable and portions substantial. We ended our meal with their New York cheesecake, again a tasty dish but not extraordinary. The highlights of our meal were definitely still the lamb and chicken dishes that we sank our teeth into at Sahara Grill.

To sum up, Sahara Grill, with its warm and vast interiors and interesting menu, is the place to go to for a decadent meal made with a lot of heart and soul.