Restaurant Review:
Al Grissino

Bay Square
Business Bay

We have grown up in Dubai and thus, Shawarmas were practically part of our staple diet and a food item that’s very close to our hearts even today! S’wich gives the classic Shawarma a gourmet and healthful twist, dedicating themselves to providing us Shawarma connoisseurs with more choices and a meal that’s good for you to boot. Moreover, S’wich has an assortment of dips, salads and sides that you can pair your sandwiches with! We had a tasting at this bright and relaxed restaurant at bustling Bay Square and here’s everything we had:


  • The Hulk: A blend of kale, green apples, cucumber and ginger

  • Quinoa Clementine Salad: Quinoa, Rocca, Clementine, Dried Cranberries, Spring Onions, Red And Green Chili, Cherry Tomatoes, Hazelnuts, Chives And Pickled Carrots And Topped With The Clementine Balsamic Dressing
  • Lentil Salad: A Lentil Base Mixed With Pickled Vegetables, Jalapenos, Fresh Tomatoes, Spring Onions, Black Raisins And Hazelnuts Served With Homemade Olive Oil Based Dressing
  • Quinoa Fattoush: Quinoa, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Pita Bread Squares, Red Onions, Parsley, Coriander and Mint. Have It With The Olive Oil Dressing.
  • Herb Fries
  • Patatas Bravas: Sweet Potato Cubes Served With A Spicy Tomato-Onion Confit And Garlic Aioli Dressing
  • Beetroot Dip: A Light Beetroot And Labneh Dip Topped With Almonds And Served With Baked Sumac And Chili Flake Bread

Every salad is packed with healthy ingredients and even better flavors and savors! Yes, another restaurant that proves that healthy can be tasty too! Whenever we took a break from the salads we moved to the equally appetizing fries and patatas bravas and boy, did we enjoy the entire selection. The highlight though had to be the Beetroot Hummus, good enough to be eaten by itself! As tasty as it was, we ignored the chili flake bread after a bit and started eating the beetroot dip with a spoon. Try it and you will probably do the same.  

  • Portobello mushrooms: white saj, lettuce, spring onion, oregano, tzatziki and Portobello mushrooms
  • Ducking good: lettuce, whole wheat saj, tomato, cucumber, The Jeffrey, caramelized onions and duck
  • Smoking chicken castro: lettuce, whole wheat saj, Rocca, jalapenos, caramelized onions, spicy green, hot potato cubes, truffle sauce, chicken

We were surprised by how great the Portobello mushroom sandwich was and is a great option for vegetarians! The sauces ensure that the Shawarmas are all unique and distinctive in flavor! For those who enjoy eating duck like one half of stamps and stubs, the Duck shawarma is a good one for you, however, we think the Jeffrey (sauce) was a misfit for this sandwich and ended up making it too sweet. However, S’wich is all about choice and there are a lot of sauces to choose from so knock yourself out. The winner in the sandwiches though had to be the chicken version; from sauce to saj, this one was flawless!


  • The Jeffrey: BBQ sauce
  • Truffle sauce
  • Chipotle Mayo
  • Spicy green: Green chillies, garlic, coriander and lemon juice
  • Spicy honey: Heat with a touch of sweet this one blends Middle Eastern flavors with Asian ones

The half of Stamps and Stubs who eats spice couldn’t stop waxing lyrical about the spicy green! Overall, the sauces were brilliant and there’s something for everyone!

  • Date Cake: Moist Baked Date Cake
  • Brownie: Valrhona Chocolate Brownie

Our predominantly healthy yet extremely tasty meal was rounded off with some lovely, simple desserts that weren’t overtly sweet but were fitting ends to the feast.

S’wich allows you to be creative and innovative with an old favorite, the Shawarma and serves up a variety of different accompaniments to eat it with; how good does that sound!

We are and have always been fans of the Shawarma and now of S’wich which, keeping in mind the call of the hour being healthy food and preparations, offers a much-loved classic with a much needed nutritious and very, very tasty twist!