Restaurant Review:


In this day and age, healthier food options are the most sought after and with the kind of hectic lifestyles most of us lead, God knows that these foods are much needed.  Dubai plays host to a nice selection of healthy food restaurants and one among them is the bright Richy’s in Cluster F of the Jumeirah Lakes Towers. Richy’s prides itself on its ‘courageous’ salads and is renowned for serving up a variety of interesting and very appetizing salads along with the freedom to create your own. Recently, Richy’s unveiled an updated menu that adds more inventive salads, wraps, drinks and desserts to the existing one. The lovely people at Richy’s invited us to discover the new items on the menu and here’s what we had:


  • Create Your Own Salad (REGULAR): Fusili, Avocado, Beetroot, Broccoli, Chickpeas, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Cheddar, Grilled Chicken And Olive Oil Dressing
  • Create Your Own Salad (JUNIOR) - Lettuce, Avocado, Grilled Chicken, Sweet Potato, Chickpeas, Sweet Corn, Feta, Egg, Tortilla Chips, Chipotle
  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap: Tortilla Wrap, Iceberg, Tomato, Green Onions, Aged Cheddar and Buffalo Chicken and Sour Cream.


  • Freshly Squeezed Navel Orange Juice
  • Mean And Green Cold Pressed Juice: Kale, Apple And Coconut Water


  • Rice Pudding: Silky And Rich Texture With Dried Fruits And Vanilla Accent
  • Cheesecake: Smooth, Rich And Creamy Cake Topped With Strawberry Compote

We have previously eaten at Richy’s albeit quite a while ago and can maintain that we quite enjoyed our salads this time around as well. Just one complaint with the Fusilli based salad and that was that there was hardly any cheese in it. The couple of bites in which we did get to sink our teeth into some cheese were a burst of flavor and so the lack thereof made that particular salad a slightly tasteless one in comparison. The wrap was a welcome treat and when they say fresh juice, they mean fresh juice! No complaints whatsoever with the drinks and the wrap. With regard to the desserts, we enjoyed the dry fruit laden rice pudding more than the cheesecake (that is not to say the latter wasn’t tasty, it was).

Overall, we find Richy’s creativity in serving healthy fare quite appealing and give the new and improved menu a big YAY!