Restaurant Review:
Punjabi by Nature

Oud Metha, Near Lamcy

North Indian food, especially Punjabi cuisine, is renowned for being hearty, full of love, Ghee and Butter and is the quintessence of indulgence.  It is food for people who live to eat! Being North Indians ourselves, we cannot resist some rich Punjabi food and so you can guess our answer when Punjabi by nature came calling.
Here’s everything we had:


  • Chatti Wali Lassi Pede De Naal: Magic Of Saffron, Scrumptiousness Of A Solid Shake

Peda is a very popular Indian sweet that arrives in different flavors and is prepared with Khoya (a dairy product that is often the base of Indian sweets), nuts, saffron and more. The sweet is fantastic and part of a lot of Indian festivals and celebrations.  Lassi, which I’m sure most of you know about already, is an Indian yogurt based drink that is flavorful and healthy! Now, Punjabi by nature combines these two awesome items in one drink resulting in a sort of Peda Shake! Our near and dear ones are well aware of our obsession with Pedas (one half of Stamps and Stubs has no control over their Peda mania and finishes an entire box in a sitting which is why we go through great lengths to keep this person away from the sweet during festivals). Anyhow, to cut a long story short because we can go on and on about our love for this sweet, we started with shot glasses of this drink and ended with proper tumblers of it and had we had more room, barrels would have been consumed. The best part were the little pieces of Peda that kept surprising us as we sipped the drinks.


  • Bharwan Aloo Tikki Di Chaat: Crisp Fried Potato Patties Covered With Freshly Churned Yogurt Served With Tangy Tamarind And Mint Chutney
  • Amritsari Paneer Tikka: Amritsari Masala Flavored With Cottage Cheese And Prepared In The Tandoor
  • Chicken Tikka Platter: Assortment Of Chicken Tikkas
  • Amritsari Macchi: Fish Dipped In Ajwain (Herb) Flavored Gram Flour Batter And Deep Fried In Mustard Oil
  • Seekh Kebab Kandhari: Traditional Lamb Seekh Kebab

Our favorites in this category were the Bharwan Aloo tikki di chaat and the assorted chicken platter which consisted of the Bhatti Da Murg, Murg Malai Tikka and Haryali Tikka! A party of flavors in the mouth and they honored our request of not making it too spicy. The other starters were good too but the above mentioned ones were clear winners.  

  • Kali Kadhai De Paneer: Homemade Cottage Cheese Stir-Fried With Roasted Crushed Coriander, Capsicum And Onion
  • Chatpata Keema Matar: Minced Lamb Cooked With Green Peas And Spices
  • Angrezi Chicken Tikka Masala: Tandoor Roasted Boneless Chicken, Simmered In Onions And Tomato Masala
  • Dal Tadka Lasuni: Yellow Daal Gently Simmered And Tempered With Roasted Garlic
  • Murg Tikka Biryani
  • Assorted Indian Bread (Naan, Kulcha, Missi Roti, Rumali Roti & More)

Keema is something we have grown up eating and pair that with some paratha and you’ve got yourself a meal! We were pleased with the delicious Chatpata Keema matar at Punjabi by nature because it was simple, no frills and quite reminiscent of the type made by our moms.  The other main that we quite enjoyed was the Kadhai Paneer however the Dal fell short of expectations. The Chicken tikka masala and Biryani were decent and succulent but nothing to write home about.

  • Ras Malai: Miniature Poached Dumplings Of Cottage Cheese Dipped In Saffron And Milk Cream

Ah! Punjabi by nature serves up some lovely, luscious Ras Malai and rather than sing praises about it, which it definitely deserves, we would just like to tell you to GO FOR IT! Do not sacrifice dessert at Punjabi by Nature because you will be missing out on something awesome. Hopefully, we’ve convinced you!

Overall, the food at Punjabi by nature is good (please do not take our recommendations of the noteworthy Peda Lassi and Ras Malai lightly because we are not exaggerating when we praise these two items). We also got a kick out of the PUN-jabi posters (pun intended) adorning the décor and menu that encourage you to eat, drink and make merry just like the cheerful Punjabi community dedicates itself to doing!