Restaurant Review:

Dubai Mall

Found the key when the restaurant concept was fairly new and have already been to Parkers 6 times! Even if we stick to what we always have we still aren't tired of this awesome place. I honestly find it way better than Salt, for its variety, ambiance, uniqueness and uber cool, friendly and just plain amazing staff!

What we usually order are the Shawarma sliders, Crunchy chicken sliders, Street Fries, Cajun and cheese buttons, The fried Mac n cheese and lately the delicious Lotus Pudding with biscoff sauce and soft serve vanilla ice cream. Our vegetarian friends have been speaking highly of the quinoa burger too. Since I don't eat beef I cannot comment on the choco coffee slider but I've had the Sriracha shrimp and prefer the chicken sliders over it.

On our more recent visit to the Dubai Mall Restaurant (after the closing of their pop-up in Al Khazan Solar Park), we were thrilled to be greeted with an extended menu! While we do miss the feel and ambiance of the park, we were happy to be sitting indoors with the summer heat coming into play. This time around, we decided to try the Chicken Pretzel Sticks, mojito Chicken Taco, Beetroot Mac & Cheese, and the Salted Chocolate Cake with Potato Chips. 

The Chicken Pretzel Sticks were a must have. The genius combination of Fried Chicken and Pretzel bits made this a new, interesting and unique favorite. The Mojito Chicken Taco (Soft Shell) was so refreshing. The Salted Chocolate Cake with Potato Chips were Sweet and Salty - a perfect combination! 

All in all we're thrilled that we #GotAKey!