Restaurant Review:
Paper Fig

University City

We’ve got a couple of favorite restaurants in Sharjah that we love eating at whenever the chance arises but otherwise, there’s always a slight hesitation to head to the city for obvious reasons (TRAFFIC). However, Paper Fig Desserts, founded in 2015 by husband-wife team, Ahmed Almazrouei and Nawal Al Nuaimi is swiftly changing our previously held mindsets. Paper Fig serves up a variety of homemade dishes and mouthwatering artisan desserts! As per the restaurant, “Nawal creates all of the dishes on the menu from scratch, each with a strong focus on food pairing, as this is a really important part of the Paper Fig concept - blending unique flavors in each dish that complement each other.
Here’s everything we had at our recent tasting:


  • Shakshuka: Spicy Tomato Sauce, feta cheese & Eggs your way
  • Beetroot Hummus Toast: Poached Eggs, Avocado, Roasted tomatoes, Feta cheese and Zaatar
  • PF French Toast: Cream Anglaise Sphere, Maple syrup, Fresh cream and strawberries

  • Salted Caramel Shake
  • Latte
  • Rose White Avantcha Tea

  • Chocolate Honeycomb cake with a syringe containing Caramel sauce and a real honeycomb atop the cake
  • PF Crunchy cake filled with Vanilla and Chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate and swirls of whipped cream
We have to start by saying that every one of these items was extremely pretty and evidence of how painstakingly they were prepared! Once we got past the beautiful presentations, it was time to sink our teeth into these delicacies. Everything we ate was a proper treat but our absolute favorite from the main had to be the French toast. In fact, we found the dish so delicious that we gobbled it up without realizing that we’d forgotten to drench it in maple syrup; that should tell you something! The Cream Anglaise pellet should be part of every French Toast in our opinions. A Salted Caramel milkshake done right pleases us to no end and we can happily say that we’ve added the Paper Fig version to our list of much loved milkshakes. Finally, it was time for the desserts and how beautiful they were! Almost too beautiful to eat honestly. The Honeycomb cake was lovely, especially with the combination of honey and caramel. The charming PF Crunchy cake though was the clear winner in the desserts; with its pretty swirls and rich velvety tastes, the cake truly puts the art in artisan!

Overall, we loved Paper Fig and looking at how bustling it was, others do too! The restaurant is endearing, the menu remarkable and the service pleasing and with Paper Fig desserts, we’ve found an awesome reason to head to Sharjah sans any reluctance!