Restaurant Review:
Oscar's Vine Society

Crowne Plaza
​Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

An evening that involves food, wine and some great entertainment is an evening that we’re always on the lookout for! An evening of this sort was exactly what we had at our recent tasting at Oscar’s Vine Society in the Crowne Plaza Dubai. We started the session by attending the hotel’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony; a lovely, warm celebration that included fun and festive elements such as Carol singers, Santa Claus, a Gingerbread house, mulled wine and cookies! Subsequently we moved to the French themed restaurant that is bathed in warm lighting and resembles a tavern from the past or a cozy wine cellar.  After a long day of work, this already seemed like the perfect, relaxing place at which to ring in the long weekend. Offering a large selection of wine from around the world, Oscar’s vine society also has a succinct food menu that comprises of delicacies from France.
Here’s everything we ate:

  • Lobster Salad Caesar Style
  • Egg Cocotte Parfait, Pan Fry Foie Gras And Mushrooms
  • Grilled Sea Bass With Crispy Vegetable Salad
  • Choucroute Smoked Sausages And Steamed Potatoes
  • La Planchette Des Fromages (Cheese Platter)
  • Chocolate Fondant With Vanilla Ice Cream
Wine and cheese make for the best combination, that is a given and we quite liked the selection of both at Oscar’s Vine Society. However, little did we know that the rest of the French fare that we had, would also complement the glasses of Merlot and Guava flavored white wine as well as they did. Our absolute favorites from the lot were the Egg Cocotte and the sausage platter! In the Egg cocotte parfait, the eggs are baked in a particular method and served in a ramekin with bread on the side. This was our first time trying eggs this way and we loved it. In fact we loved it so much that we want our eggs only this way from now on. The other platter with its plump and flavorful residents was a treat too, even more so because this meat isn’t readily available around town. The chocolate fondant made for a satisfying finale to the rich meal.

Moving on from the food, we must mention another highlight of Oscar’s Vine Society. The band! Comprising of two members, the lead vocalist Ana and the guitarist Alex, Mojo as they’re called, provide you with some awesome ear candy. They regaled us with some of our favorite songs, giving it their own unique touches and we can honestly say that their performance lent our dinner extra touches of fun and relaxation. We were also greatly impressed with the service and staff and appreciated the attentiveness and amicability that everyone from the servers to the Chefs and even the Managers showered on visitors at the restaurant.

In a nutshell, Oscar’s Vine Society has all the rudiments that are needed for a tranquil time with its comfortable and warm ambiance, wide selection of beverages, a concise but excellent food menu and entertainment. So grab your friends and head to Oscar’s for some great grub, a glass of grape, good music and a place to unwind!