Restaurant Review:

Radisson Blu

Deira Creek, Dubai

If you know us or have been following any of our pages, you’ll know that we have a soft spot for Japan and everything Japanese! So when we headed to Minato to try out their Sushi and Teppanyaki Buffet, alcoholic beverages included, you can bet we were very, very excited! Minato finds its dwelling at the Radisson Blu, Deira Creek and has been a popular choice for diners seeking out authentic Japanese fare for nearly a decade now, if not more. I must add here that we have been to Tokyo and loved absolutely everything about the city, from the restaurant concepts to the food to the warmth of the people and more.

On arrival at the restaurant, we felt like we had walked into a restaurant in Tokyo what with the décor, lighting and ambiance all reminding us of our own trip to the city. There were corridors adorned in Japanese art, Sake barrels and bottles and different seating areas including the traditional Japanese room with Tatami mats! We opted for a normal table for four though and for our drinks ordered the Warm and Cold Sakes, some delicious Red wine recommended by our server and fresh juices.

Now for the food, there was an entire room dedicated to the Sushi selection and we feasted on nearly 10 different types of Sushi rolls, Maki and Sashimi that were being handcrafted by the chef present. There were a couple of vegetarian options too but our favorite that we kept going back for was the Salmon Cream Cheese Maki with a generous dollop of cream cheese on top. Teppanyaki is a Japanese cooking technique where assorted meats, seafood and chicken are fried with vegetables on a hot steel plate. For our teppanyaki portion of the meal, one of us opted for the chicken and vegetables stir fried together while the other had the shrimp, squid and chicken with vegetables. The wide variety of colorful vegetables ensure that vegetarians enjoy the Teppanyaki as well. The ever-smiling chefs added an entertaining touch to the entire experience. In addition to the Sushi and Teppanyaki you can also tuck into the Ebi Tempura, Yasai Tempura, Katsu Rice Dishes, Ramen and Udon noodles among other items.

The desserts that are part of the buffet were the only slightly disappointing part of the entire experience; there were simple chocolate and mango mousses, fruit platters and little cakes that neither added value nor authenticity to the delicious Japanese meal. If you still have room for dessert, we suggest you order the Mochi off the a la carte menu.

To sum up, we had a fabulous experience at Minato that had us reminiscing about our Japan trip as we made our way through the delicious food and drink from the vibrant country.