Restaurant Review:

The Village
​Dubai Mall
​Dubai, UAE

Every time we are invited to try out an Emirati restaurant, we get very excited. Although growing up in vibrant UAE has exposed us to a diversity of cultures, cuisines and more, there was always the feeling that authentic Emirati culinary experiences were somehow missing. Currently though, there have been quite a few Emirati restaurants popping up on the scene and we are loving it! One of our most recent tastings was at Milas (the Emirati phonetic pronunciation of the classic “majlis’) which is situated in ‘The Village’ section of the Dubai Mall. With comfortable outdoor (outside the restaurant but inside the mall) seating and quite grand on the inside (gilded chandeliers and dark mirrors), Milas features a menu that blends traditional Emirati cuisine with modern and international influences. Here is everything we had at our tasting:

  • Tabbouleh
  • Fattoush
  • Grilled Halloumi: Served With Rocket Leaves And Cherry Tomatoes
  • Flaming Calamari: Flavorful Marinated Calamari Coated With Flaming Sauce
  • Dill Kashmiri: Dill Bread Filled With A Variety Of Items Including Potatoes, Green Moong Sprout, Chickpeas, Fried Bread And Pomegranate. Topped With Mild Tamarind Sauce, Mint Chutney And Yoghurt.
  • Chicken Halloumi: Sauteed Chicken Breast Cubes With Halloumi Cheese, Served With Milas’ Special Homemade Dressing
  • Milas Nakhi: Chickpeas And Radish Served With Crispy Onion On Top
  • Falafel Bites: Homemade Falafel Served With Tomato, Radish And Parsley Topped With Sesame Salsa
  • Keema Parata: Potato, Lamb Leg, Cinnamon Powder, Ginger And Tomato Paste
  • Skandar Kabab: Grilled Kabab Wrapped In Freshly Homemade Bread With Onions, Served With Yoghurt, Red Sauce & French Fries On The Side
  • Slow Cooked Hunter’s Lamb Leg: Lamb Braised On Dum With Aromatic Spices, Drizzled Onion And Tomato.
  • Chicken Halazoni: Type Of Chicken Kabab
  • Pizza Mbahar Deyay: Milas Oriental Homemade Pizza Dough And Chicken Served With Fried Nuts, Crispy Onion And Melted Mozzarella On The Top
  • Pizza Khodra: Milas Oriental Homemade Pizza Dough, Green Capsicum, Fresh Mushroom And Onion, Served With Melted Mozzarella On The Top

Desserts & Drinks

  • Vanilla Popcorn
  • Desert Rose Mojito
  • Passion Fruit Refresher
  • Mystery Of Oud: The Mystery Of Oud Is Unleashed In This Dish, Combining Seemingly Oblivious Handmade Sweets In A Scented Experience
  • Suite Milk: Created With Caramelized Shortbread, Milk Chocolate, Dulce-De-Leche Ice Cream And Whipped Cream Cheese
  • Caramel Dream

It was truly a day of indulgence. Packed with diverse flavors, our rich meal was a real treat to our senses! The salads, especially the Fattoush, were the ideal refreshing starts to the meal while the Chicken halloumi, such a unique dish, was scrumptious. The crunchy Dill Kashmiri, a burst of flavors, reiterated what a melting pot the UAE is, as it was the replica of an Indian snack food that we have, called Raj Kachori. The lamb dishes such as the Keema Parata and slow cooked lamb leg, were totally on point and are the stuff of dreams for lamb lovers! Rounding off the savories were the Kababs and pizzas which were tasty too.

The drinks complemented the meal perfectly and one of them, the Vanilla Popcorn milkshake, could have been part of the dessert menu as well! With respect to the desserts, the creamy, caramel and chocolate concoctions, Suite milk and Caramel Dream, with the latter sporting flecks of edible gold too, were both charming and delectable. We wished these platters were never-ending (and eating too much sweet was acceptable) because that’s how good they were. The Oud dessert however, was too strong on the scent for us and the tastes of the actual dessert were drowned by the strength of the Oud that pretty much enveloped the entire dish. It just felt like we had a mouthful of perfume and we believe this is more of an acquired taste. We would give this dish points only for its presentation but not for the taste.

Overall, Milas is an excellent addition to the Emirati restaurant scene and we cannot wait to head back and make our way through the luxurious menu that blends flavors, savors and an excellent experience to boot!
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