Restaurant Review:
Mahec by
​Satish Arora

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre Airport Rd
​Dubai, UAE

When legendary Indian Chef Satish Arora’s name is uttered, you have to stop and listen! The fabulous Chef has partnered with prominent Indian restaurant Mahec and brings his vast industry experience of more than 50 years to the city. Chef Arora began his career at the age of 26 when he took over the kitchens of the renowned Taj Group of Hotels and gained the title of the world’s youngest chef in a five-star kitchen. Over the years, he has served a diversity of celebrities and world leaders, including Queen Elizabeth II, Indira Gandhi, Bill Clinton, Muhammad Ali and even astronaut Neil Armstrong among others. We were invited to the restaurant recently and got the opportunity to try out some of the delicacies that have been previously served to noteworthy people from the world over. Here is everything we had at our tasting:

Cocktails & Mocktails
  • Bombay Tamasha
  • Chili Jam Gin

Pre Starter
  • Bharwan Mushroom (with Masala Nimbu Pani): Tandoor cooked stuffed mushrooms with paneer and cheddar cheese

Starters - Grill Platter
  • Murg Hawa Mahal: What came first, the chicken or the egg? Chargrilled chicken coated with masala egg
  • Sikandari Lamb Chops (Served to Bill Clinton): Mahec’s signature dish, yogurt marinated succulent lamb chops cooked in a traditional clay oven
  • Chatakedar Jhinga: Tangy lip smacking tiger prawns with pink pepper corns
  • Paneer Asparagus Roll: Thin slices of cottage cheese rolled with spiced potatoes and asparagus, cooked in a clay oven

Main Course
  • Butter Chicken (Served to Queen Elizabeth II)
  • Pudina Dahi Gosht: Slow cooked lamb leg morsels in a rich mint and yoghurt sauce
  • Goan Prawn Curry (Served to Lady Margaret Thatcher): From the coastal belt of the Arabian sea prawns cooked in Chef Arora’s signature Goan masala
  • Murg Biryani: Flaky pastry encrusted chicken Biryani layered with aromatic basmati rice, dry fruits and fresh mint
  • Arora’s Dal Makhani (Served to Indira Gandhi): Whole black lentil and red kidney beans simmered overnight with traditional spices, flavored with butter and fresh cream
  • Pudina Tamatar Raita
  • Assorted Indian Breads

  • Boondi Brulee: Traditional sweet boondi baked with milk sauce and meringue
  • Kulfa Falooda: Chef Arora’s signature creation with Paan and Rose

We have to admit, we did feel pretty special to be served treats that have once been eaten by renowned personalities from around the world. The food we were served was as tasty as it was beautiful! The pre-starter and appetizers were bestowed upon us in stunning plates and elegant styles and we really enjoyed eating our way through the different courses. Some of our favorites from everything we ate were the Bharwan mushroom,  Sikandari lamb chops, Chatakedar Jhinga, Paneer Asparagus Roll, Pudina Dahi Gosht, Goan Prawn Curry; this is not to say that we didn’t enjoy the rest of the food. Honestly speaking, the restaurant since it has been taken over by Chef Arora has majorly upped its game! We had tried Mahec once before it was taken over and it is safe to say that the food is now way, WAY more impressive than it was previously.

Now for the desserts; we were blown away by the uniqueness, you won’t get your run of the mill sweets like Kulfi or Kheer here. We were served Chef Arora’s Kulfa Falooda which is a creamy Kulfi Falooda style dessert with Paan and Rose flavors that absolutely melts in your mouth! We wished this one wouldn’t end. The Boondi Brulee blends an old Indian favorite; sweet baked boondi with an international favorite, Crème Brulee, to create a dessert that gives you the best of both worlds. The ideal place to visit to commemorate any occasion (we speak from personal experience)

With Chef Satish Arora on board, Mahec now offers patrons an experience that fuses a decadent culinary journey with a personal touch. We give it a very big YAY!  
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