Restaurant Review:
Local Bites

Beach Road​Dubai

Emirati restaurant, Local Bites Café, is back with a new look and a revamped menu in its original location on Jumeirah Beach Road. The restaurant officially reopened its doors a few weeks ago and we got the opportunity to visit the restaurant after its makeover to try out the new fusion menu. Channeling the fondness for food items from the Asian subcontinent, a lot of the food blends distinctly Emirati flavors with others from India, Pakistan and you can find interesting dishes on the menu such as the Achar (Pickle) Pasta and a variety of signature parathas among others. Moving on, here is everything we had at our recent visit:


Salad Trio:
  • Stir Fried Cauliflower Salad with Carrots and Soy Garlic Seasoning
  • Classic Fattoush Salad with Pomegranate Dressing
  • Local Bites Vegan Tabbouleh Salad with Citrus Dressing
Mediterranean Platter
Fresh Hummus , Grilled Halloumi and Crisp Felafel served with Zaatar, Labneh and Arabic bread

Our favorites from the appetizers included the Stir fried cauliflower salad (for its novelty and range of flavors), the Tabbouleh salad and everything off the Mediterranean platter. A delicious start to the meal!  
  • Paratha platter
  • Spiced Chicken Tikka Roll
  • Oman Chips and Cheese roll
  • Pizzatha: Bestseller Stuffed paratha with Grilled Chicken and Pizza Sauce
  • Mash n Cheese Paratha
  • Stuffed Paratha with Mashed Potatoes and Chilly Chutney.
Khameer Duo:
Jumeirah Khameer Sandwich: Mildly Spiced Signature Chicken Stuffed in Fresh Baked Khameer.
Felafel Khameer Sandwich: Crisp Fried Felafel with Tzatiki sauce stuffed in Fresh Baked Khameer.

If there was one dish that was unanimously loved by all of us present, it was the Oman Chips and cheese roll. Oman Chips, a childhood favorite snack of everybody who grew up here, us included, is all the rage these days! Regardless of the dish being replicated in different restaurants all over the UAE, we still cannot get enough of it and believe that the Oman Chips and cheese dishes at each restaurant hold their own. Other than that, we enjoyed the spiced chicken tikka roll, pizzatha, and the chicken Khameer sandwich. The combination of the Parathas with Emirati flavors made for a pleasant treat.

Assorted Trio
  • Lugaimat: Crisp Fried Dumplings served with Date Syrup.
  • Nutella Strawberry Paratha: Crisp Paratha stuffed with Nutella and Tart Strawberries.
  • Chebab: Cardamom Spiced Emirati Pancake served with cream cheese and date syrup.

The Nutella Paratha was the clear winner of the lot! Taste, flavor, texture, everything was top-notch. The Lugaimat was decent, however the Chebab fell slightly short in taste in comparison to the way it has been described.
We also got to try out some purely Emirati drinks, in Rose, Orange and Pomegranate variants, in bottle styles that date back to the old days. It was quite fun to watch the unique way of popping the cork in these drinks. The drink that was a true treat to the senses though was the Jumeirah Special; signature cold brew blended with chilled milk and date syrup. It was refreshing and something we guzzled sans any guilt thanks to date syrup being the only sweetener used in it.

Local Bites café also serves up a diversity of breakfast dishes and authentic raw coffee with blends created by professionally trained baristas. The restaurant flaunts a warm, simple décor with Arabian touches and a nice, casual ambiance. Overall, we quite enjoyed our session at the restaurant with some items taking over our taste buds much more than others.