Restaurant Review:
Laptop Lunch


Haven’t all of us had those days when work and professional commitments consume all our waking hours and taking time out to prepare home cooked meals is but a dream? Those days, when most of your day is spent perched in front of the laptop and an unhealthy quick fix or a wilting sandwich are what you have to make do with as your main meal. A full-fledged, wholesome home-style meal would be an oasis in a desert on such days wouldn’t it? Well, we’re going to stop sounding like an advertisement and just tell you already, there is a solution and it’s called LAPTOP LUNCH.

The brainchild of ex-corporates who understand the needs of the stomach during busy work days, Laptop Lunch is a delivery service that brings good food to your desk that is updated daily and securely packed in a laptop style box. Laptop Lunch delivers around Dubai and features vegetarian and non-vegetarian North Indian, South Indian, Biryani and Chinese options. As part of our recent tasting, we received two North Indian lunches, one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian which included about three gravy dishes per tray (Butter Chicken, Paneer Makhani, Daal and more), plain rice, chappati x 2, homemade salads and pickles and dessert!

Overall, we really liked the concept of Laptop lunch and they get a lot of points for their neat and tidy presentation and convenience! Definitely a culinary knight in shining armor when the busy days come calling.
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