Restaurant Review:
Kebab Bistro

Karama, Dubai

Through the Parsi friends we’ve had in our lifetime, we got the chance to try authentic Parsi cuisine which we quite enjoyed. However, we’ve always felt that there’s a dearth of Parsi restaurants in Dubai and have only found one other restaurant that has a small station devoted to a few Parsi food items. A little background about Parsis and their food; the Parsis came to India around the 15th century from Persia and as they settled in the country, they not only adopted Indian food habits and culture but also blended their own flavors thus resulting in a unique “West Coast Indian” cuisine that blends the zests of Persia and savors of India. On researching Kebab Bistro when we received the invite, we discovered to our delight that the restaurant is run by a Parsi couple from Mumbai who have brought an extensive selection of food from their cuisine along with Mumbai style chaat, kebabs and Biryanis to the heart of Dubai. 
  • Sweet & Salty Lassis

  • Bistro Fish Seekh Kebab: Chargrilled fish mince
  • Chicken Cream Tikka: Tender pieces of chicken deep fried with egg batter
  • Russian Pattice: Shredded chicken cheese and potato pattice
  • Sali Boti Chicken: Chunks of boneless chicken in tomato gravy served with crispy potato vermicelli
  • Bistro Mutton Dhansaak: Chunks of boneless mutton cooked to perfection with mixed lentils served with caramelized Basmati rice.
  • Paratha and Chappati  
Both the seafood lover and the one not fond of it thoroughly enjoyed the tender Fish Seekh, quite novel as well because we’ve usually just had chicken or mutton seekh kebabs! The Russian Pattice too was an enjoyable mouthful of some delicious components but it was the mains that floored us completely. We had heard of Dhansaak and Sali Boti but can’t recall the last time we may have had them, if at all. The lovely Oofrish, one half of the couple that runs Kebab Bistro, enlightened us on how the famous Dhansaak is a weekend staple in most Parsi households and we can see why. A simple yet flavorful dish accompanied by aromatic rice made for the perfect comfort meal and we could continue to wax lyrical about how well cooked the mutton was but that memory will only distract us from the task at hand. The Sali Boti with the Potato sticks stood its own alongside the smashing Dhansaak and we thank our stomachs for expanding over the weekends so we could do complete justice to this meal. The best part, especially for one of us, was that the spice level in the food was low so it packed a punch in terms of flavors but didn’t make us leak from the eyes and nose!

  • Parsi Lagan nu custard: Reduced milk and eggs baked to get a perfect custard; traditionally served during Parsi weddings

A meal like that deserves a sweet finish and that’s where this eminent Parsi treat came in. Another item we’d only heard of but never had and as we sunk our teeth into it, we were glad our server had got us one each. Fluffy and delicate, the Lagan nu custard is a nice, simple yet rich dessert that literally means the wedding custard.

All in all, it was a lovely experience trying Parsi delicacies at the humble Kebab Bistro and with the amount of diverse food on the menu, we know we will be returning multiple times to try it all out!