Restaurant Review:

Beach Road, Jumeirah 3

In one of our latest reviews, we mentioned our love for burgers and that love just keeps increasing, what with all the cool burger places opening up in Dubai! Grilliant joins the Dubai burger scene and we found out what this restaurant has to offer at our recent tasting.

Located in Jumeirah 3, Grilliant is the definition of cool; the restaurant comprises of park style tables and benches and has a black wall that you can test your artistic skills on. As you wait for your food to arrive, a bunch of crayons are set in front of you and you can scribble on the walls to your heart’s content. Great strategy by the restaurateur to keep you occupied instead of twiddle your thumbs while you wait for your food. Social media got the better of us and we started drawing the different logos!

There are a variety of beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers on the menu; however, the Grilliant team are currently still in the process of altering some of their vegetarian offerings. Anyhow, back to our session; here’s what we had:

  • Check-in burger: 200 g chicken breast, white onion, mushroom, tomato, pickles, jack cheese, lettuce, mayo and yellow mustard
  • Buffalo Chicken Burger: Chicken Breast smothered with buffalo sauce topped with coleslaw
We paired these enormous burgers with a side order of 'Grilliant Fries', topped with Cheddar Cheese, Crispy Onion & Thousand Island, and a non-alcoholic Pineapple beer!

Huge in size and even huger in taste; the Buffalo burger was packed with great taste while the Check in burger was a burst of flavors. To get the best of both worlds, order them both and then split them; what a treat for your taste buds!

Who can drive down Jumeirah without the thought of Karak Chai crossing their mind and Grilliant pay homage to the Jumeirah-Karak connection by serving customers their own special brand of this tea! Grilliant’s Karak Obama made for the perfect end to an awesome meal!

To sum up, Grilliant has passion, a lab with talented chefs, coolness and burgers that are brilliant on its side! Give it a try!