Restaurant Review:

Bay Square
​Business Bay

Urban Thai restaurant, Fuchsia is not new to the Dubai food scene and we have previously dined at the restaurant’s branch in Tecom; an experience that left us and the group we were with underwhelmed and with a bad taste in our mouths. So, we recently had a sort of do over at the restaurant’s new branch in Bay square.
Fuchsia is located on the first floor of a comparatively quieter part of Bay Square, however the interiors make up for that! Vivid neon signs akin to those you’d see in Bangkok got us nostalgic about our trips to the city while the wall adorned with shrubbery added a further touch of freshness to the airy outlet! 
Here’s everything we had at our tasting:


  • Coconut water
  • Fuchsia delight
  • Orient express
  • Detox water

  • Prawn cakes with kaffir lime leaf, served with sweet chili sauce
  • Chicken Satay

Dim Sum

  • BBQ chicken bun
  • Seafood Siew Mai

  • Duck Curry: creamy red curry with coconut milk, pineapple and duck
  • Red curry chicken: coconut milk, baby eggplant and hot basil
  • Cashew nut chicken (from the wok): crispy fried chicken, sautéed with sweet peppers and cashew nuts

Noodles & Rice

  • Pad Thai
  • Fried Rice

  • Hazelnut Spring rolls doused in Nutella and served with Litchi Ice cream

Ah, like we said, memories of Thailand kept flooding back as we inched through the meal and concurred that the Bay Square branch is definitely a step up from the Tecom one; both in terms of ambiance and the food. The spice levels in the different dishes were negotiable and our absolute favorites from everything we had were:

  • Chicken Satay
  • BBQ chicken bun
  • Seafood Siew Mai
  • Duck Curry
  • Cashew nut chicken (from the wok):
  • Pad Thai

If there are two items we strongly recommend you include in your “to eat and drink” list while dining at Fuchsia, they have to be the Coconut Water and the Hazelnut Spring rolls! The perfect ways to start and end the meal. While freshness abounds in the former, flavors of chocolate and litchi tantalize in the latter. The usual suspects like Mango stick rice and taro based desserts are on the menu but we suggest you pick the Hazelnut rolls, you won’t regret it!
Overall, Fuchsia Bay Square is a lovely, casual dining restaurant with an interesting menu and an eclectic ambiance that is perfect for a fun, relaxing evening with friends or family.

PS: We haven’t tried this yet but every Tuesday, Fuchsia serves the Thai burger that comprises of panko coated chicken, buttery brioche and spicy sriracha; see what we mean when we say interesting menu?