Restaurant Review:

Al Quoz

Quirky interiors, fun presentations and a diversity of sweet and savory treats; that’s Freez in a nutshell for you! We recently visited Freez for a tasting session and a word of advice if you plan on visiting (which you should); go on an empty stomach because you will need all the room you can get!
Here’s what we had:

  • Laban Cheetos spicy
  • Lotus Milkshake in a Jar
  • Oreo Crepe 
  • Sushi Roll (Brownie covered in chocolate and vanilla sauce)
  • F3 Coffee
Although the above has been listed in no particular order and the placement of the Oreo Crepe right at the top was done unintentionally but in all honesty, that crepe deserves that position! And, we must add that generally we aren’t big fans of Oreo based desserts but this one just blew us away. The restaurant manager insisted we try this and we are glad we let him persuade us. A crepe filled with Oreo cookies is drenched in generous amounts of chocolate and vanilla sauce; every bite is delightful and it is a real task putting down your spoon between bites. We couldn’t get enough of this one! The sushi roll was delicious too but couldn’t keep up with the awesomeness of the Oreo crepe. With the Lotus craze still going strong, we had to give the shake here a shot; it was quite tasty and pairs well with the savoury treats on offer at Freez. The other drink we had was the Laban Cheetos spicy; an icy combination of Laban with Cheetos, we were impressed with the novelty of this item but the taste not as much. However, with the plethora of dessert that we’d had, this was needed to cut the sweetness! Finally, the restaurant manager gave us the F3 as a parting gift and the coffee enthusiast in Stamps and Stubs enjoyed the simple cold coffee.

All in all, Freez is the perfect little colorful place to give your sweet tooth a treat.