Restaurant Review:
Farzi Cafe

City Walk 2

Farzi Café finally opened its doors in Dubai and with one half of Stamps and Stubs being a Delhiite, this news was greeted with immense happiness! So, a little bit about the restaurant first, Farzi Café is one of restaurants under the umbrella, Massive Restaurants, founded by Delhi based entrepreneur Zorawar Kalra and is positioned as a Modern Spice Bistro. While the word Farzi means something that is fake or not real, here it is all about creating illusions with the food and boy do they commit themselves to doing that.

​So, on arrival at the restaurant which is located in the prime Phase 2 of City Walk, Jumeirah, we couldn’t help but gaze at the restaurant itself in awe and excitement, which stands tall and proud, very reminiscent of the architecture and café concepts in London. We were escorted to our table by the very pleasant General Manager Shivankit and explained the ideology behind the restaurant; molecular gastronomy, a term that is all the rage in Dubai at the moment and with good reason. 

Farzi Cafe - Facade

Amuse Bouche

Cold Irish Coffee

Our meal commenced with the Amuse Bouche, a little yoghurt and berry coulis shot on a bowl of dry ice that just pops in your mouth. Promptly, our delicious, quirky drinks arrived at the table; the Kadak Chai Soda & Irish Coffee cream, both refreshing, novel and fun to drink! As we were getting over the idiosyncratic names and presentations of these drinks, our appetizers began landing on our table.

Karak Chai Soda 

What all did we eat, you ask?

Here goes:


1. Raj Kachori, a much-loved snack from India that was charmingly decorated with chutney foam and fried, crunchy okra.

2. Daal Chawal Arancini topped with Papad and Pickles. This was basically a very unique twist on the classic Lentils and rice combination, and neither of us could imagine having Daal chawal in this way. I think Farzi Café is onto something, this seems to be the perfect way Indian moms can get kids who dislike Daal Chawal to eat it.

3. Tandoori Wild Mushrooms: One half of stamps and stubs loves mushrooms while the other doesn’t. But both of us thoroughly enjoyed this dish that comprised of four types of mushrooms, walnut and garlic bits and garnished with parmesan. This one came in a translucent round steaming bowl with the aroma of truffle wafting into your nose. Definitely a treat for your taste-buds and nose!

Raj Kachori

Dal chawal arancini

  Tandoori wild mushrooms

4. Tempura fried dynamite prawns: We’ve had this before at other restaurants and it’s just a spicier take on the usual dynamite prawns. We did like the lemon foam that toned down the spice (much needed for Tanisha who prefers food that is not spicy). We also had these prawns in Slider form.

5. Tandoori Chili Cheese Kulcha: Little tandoori kulchas filled with cheese and modeled on Margarita Pizzas, what’s not to like!

6. Galouti Sliders: This deliciously creamy slider filled with famous Galouti Kebabs (in patty form) from Lucknow was one of Tanisha’s favorites from the evening, Anoop’s not so much because of the texture.

 Tandoori chili cheese kulcha

Tempura Fried Dynamite Prawns

Galouti Sliders

The entrees out of the way, it was now time for the mains (we knew we wouldn’t be eating for the next few days for sure)!

1. Mutton Shawarma Biryani: We Desi people LOVE our Biryani and we Dubai residents love our Shawarmas; Farzi you did GREAT by combining both. We loved this!

2. Pan tossed summer vegetables, asian yellow curry Khao Suey: This Burmese dish arrived with Steamed rice. It was tasty, and evocative of the Thai Yellow Curry and a nice option for vegetarians dining at the restaurant.

3. Chicken tikka masala with Corniche cruncher Naan: Believe it or not, we were served this dish in a little red vintage London phone booth and an anecdote of how Chicken Tikka Masala became the National dish of London. Loved this, the chicken was spot on and the Naans were plain perfect.

Pan tossed summer vegetables, asian yellow curry khao suey

Chicken tikka masala with corniche cruncher naan

Mutton Shawarma biryani

Now, for the best part of the meal, literally the crème de la crème:


1. Jalebi Caviar with Pistachio Rabri: So when this was brought to our table we were asked to guess what it was and while our guesses ranged from Boondhi ka laddoo to other similar items, we did a double take when we found out this was jalebi! Topped with rich and velvety Rabri and with some eclectic twists, this Jalebi was definitely a winner!

2. Risotto Phirni Oxide: If you think the name is creative, you must watch the preparation of this one! As I mentioned above, molecular gastronomy is currently in vogue in Dubai and so we have seen dishes and desserts prepared similarly at other restaurants, but this was still a sight to behold as the chef came to our table and prepared it for us. We felt like little kids watching an exotic magic show while he got the dessert ready, ooh-ing and aah-ing at the smoke! The magic continued as we took a bite of this dessert because it was out of this world. If we called the previous one a winner, this was even better!

Jalebi caviar

Risotto phirni oxide

We could continue to wax lyrical about Farzi Café but as all good things come to an end, this review must too. To sum up, we had a great time at Farzi Café even more so because of the ever-smiling and chatty, Shivankit and Cherian who took care of us throughout our time there (despite how busy and bustling the restaurant was, speaking of which always make a reservation in advance or risk disappointment). Blending a superb décor, diverse and unpredictable menu and an effervescent ambiance, Farzi Café is a must visit joint that we can’t wait to go back to!