Restaurant Review:

Nassima Royal Hotel

The Nassima Royal Hotel houses some of our favorite restaurants so we’re always excited to go back to the hotel for more. We were recently invited to try out the seafood night at the hotel’s Celsius restaurant which has attained quite a bit of popularity for its elaborate buffets and even more so, its interesting theme nights. Offering food and drink from around the world along with live cooking stations and more, the restaurant also features semi private dining rooms for more intimate gatherings.

For a seafood aficionado, the Celsius seafood night is the place to be at every Thursday! Rows after rows filled with seafood antipasti, salads and other dishes lined the restaurant complementing the aromas wafting from the different sections of the restaurant.   

Some of our favorites from the extensive buffet were the following:

  • Crab meat with orange mango salad
  • Fish salad with melon
  • Seafood Terrine
  • Seafood Paella
  • Calamari Salad
  • Poached shrimps

One of the highlights of the seafood night is the live cooking station, where you place your order of the fish, lobsters, prawns and more on display. The chef grills or fries your selection according to what preparation suits it best and presents it to you on your table. We opted for the salmon and King Fish, both grilled to perfection with the former doused in Lemon butter sauce while the latter was garnished with their own special sauce; a green one reminiscent of Pesto but way more flavorful. Absolutely loved the fish, lip-smacking is an understatement! The other highlight for us was the Sushi section.  Hosomaki, Chumaki, Futomaki, Uramaki, Sashimi, Nigiri and more made up the most colorful segment of the restaurant and we couldn’t help but keep returning to this one. Whether we had room or not, we still went back to the section to have that one last piece about ten times.

The dessert tables comprise of not just the usual cakes, puddings and pies but also hold the towering chocolate fountain and macarons. Why I mention the macarons separately is because they are GLUTEN free! And let us tell you that they taste great too. So macarons that are healthy and tasty? We couldn’t be happier. Our other favorites from the dessert selection were the creamy Red velvet cake, chocolate cake and the crunchy cake.

The seafood theme night at Celsius sure does leave you spoilt for choice and the ideal venue for seafood connoisseurs to go wild at. Although only one of us is a huge seafood fan, we both managed to make the most out of this theme night because the restaurant has other options on offer too like the pork station, pastas, a few Arabic delicacies, so on and so forth. With preparations as delicious as the one Celsius offers, our appetite has been whet and we are definitely going back for more!