Restaurant Review:

Downtown, Dubai

We at Stamps and Stubs love our salads as much as we enjoy more indulgent meals! So, when we were invited to Barsalata for an intimate menu sampling session, you can bet we were looking forward to it.  “Salata” is the Arabic word for salad and Barsalata prides itself on creating signature salads from the East and West that unite both inventiveness and taste. Uniqueness and diversity are the catchphrases at Barsalata and over 16 salad dressings courtesy of the ‘Sauce-ologist’ are available with which to enhance your salads!
We tried a variety of different items on the menu:

  • Tomato & strawberry Gazpacho
  • Falafel Muffins with Tahina dressing
  • The Twenty (Black Quinoa, freekeh, black beans, coconut flakes, shredded carrots, broccoli, golden raisins, red radish, snow peas, bean sprouts, red capsicum, yellow capsicum, sweet potato, chickpeas, shallots, celery, pomegranate, seeds, hazelnuts, coriander and crumbled feta)
  • Kale Caesar (Organic kale and Romaine lettuce, roasted sweet potatoes, shaved parmesan and pomegranate)
  • Asian Shrimp Salad (Soba noodles, shrimps, capsicum, carrots, cucumber, bean sprout, snow peas, cherry tomatoes and mint)
  • Mediterranean Freekeh (Freekeh, Chickpea, Rucola, Labneh, Caramelized Shallots, toasted cumin, chili flakes and lemon)
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Aged English cheddar, mozzarella, mascarpone, fresh herbs and roasted garlic served with a date, mustard dip)
  • Brisket & Roast Tomato Sandwich
The salads and sandwiches are accompanied by dressings recommended by the chef, but you can also pick your own!

  • Sparkling Sumac (Signature Lemonade)
  • Green Glow (Green apple, cucumber, spinach, celery, radish, broccoli and fresh mint juice)
  • Rose White Avantcha Tea
  • Peach & Pear Avantcha Tea
We loved the Falafel muffins for the novelty! They were tasty as well but bearing the texture of a muffin, they tended to get a bit too thick as we ate them. With regard to the salads, we really enjoyed the Twenty which reinforced the expression “the more, the merrier.” Each spoonful of this salad was a unique burst of flavors as the components blended together and surprised us with each bite. The appetizing Mediterranean Freekeh was another one we liked due to the inclusion of Labneh! Just like cheese, Labneh definitely makes everything better (at least according to one half of Stamps and Stubs who is a huge fan of both)! If you are a superfood aficionado, you will enjoy the Kale Caesar (this one includes veal strips too but we opted for the one without) which comes with a lot of Kale and equal flavor! You can’t go wrong with grilled cheese and Barsalata have perfectly blended three of them to create a lip-smacking sandwich.
Now for the salad that we were extremely excited about, the Asian Shrimp; I mean if you enjoy Soba Noodles and salads on their own, then something like this would be a real treat right? Well honestly, this was a slight disappointment. Although this salad blended a plethora of elements, you could hardly taste anything other than the coconut and Asian peanut dressing that overpowered everything else.

  • Flourless Brownie
  • Fruity Oatmeal Cookie
If you are under the impression that healthy desserts cannot be tasty, then we have news for you! The flourless brownie at Barsalata is delightful! Sink your teeth into the fudgy goodness and you will wonder why you ever had brownies other than these flourless ones which paired well with the teas that we chose. The oatmeal cookie with date and apricot bits made for the perfect, crispy treat that would be a great snack for when you get those hunger pangs.
To sum up, we recommend that you head to Barsalata if you’d like to gorge on some healthy and tasty fare, dessert included; with generous portion sizes across the menu, trust us you won’t be disappointed!