Restaurant Review:

Dubai Festival City

New York sends its popular chain of Barilla restaurants to Dubai! You have probably heard of Barilla already because the brand’s Italian products are prevalent in the shelves of pretty much every supermarket in Dubai. While Barilla was making waves in the 1940s after being established as a brand to reckon with, the restaurant officially opened its doors not too long ago, in 2013 in New York. Barilla Restaurants commit themselves to staying true to the values of the original by offering these things, ‘high quality ingredients, Italian dishes, fast service, and the enjoyment of a great meal.  
Here’s everything we had at our recent tasting:


  • Passion & Grapefruit fizz: Passion fruit with pink grapefruit syrup and lemon


  • Burrata: Creamy burrata cheese served with arugula, slices of Roma tomatoes and focaccia bread
  • Linguine Vesuvio: Linguini pasta with sautéed calamari and shrimps, capers, fresh basil, olives, chili flakes and tomato sauce
  • Fusilli Integrali Puttanesca: Whole grain fusilli with spicy tomato sauce, black and green olives and capers
  • Thin crust Pizza Tricolore: Mozarella, fresh tomatoes, goat cheese, arugula and balsamic vinegar  

  • Pistachio Cake
  • Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch: Chocolate mousse layer with hazelnut sponge cake

If you know us or have been reading our reviews, you are probably aware of our Burrata obsession. We can safely say that the one at Barilla makes it to our list of Burrata we love! Honestly what a great start to the meal. With regard to the pastas, what delighted us most was that you get the option for most of the pasta dishes to choose whole grain options. Is that great or what! In terms of taste, the linguini was a treat especially for seafood lovers while the Fusilli was a tad too plain and simple, a little extra flavor wouldn’t hurt. That pizza though; not only did it satisfy the eyes, it was a delight for the tummy too! This extremely photogenic pizza took us back to our Rome vacations where nothing pleased us more than an appetizing thin crust pizza. We are definitely going back for this one.

Finally desserts. Pistachio cake isn’t a common sight on restaurant menus here, at least we haven’t seen them on menus when we’re out to eat. So when we do see one, we usually leap towards it and the one at Barilla came highly recommended by Chef Rita too.  And boy are we glad that we picked it because it is a must have. A creamy, delicate concoction that we wished would never end however, when it did we had the other dessert to feast on. An absolute gift for chocolate and Nutella lovers, the Hazelnut crunch places a very close second, only to the Pistachio cake!

With its friendly servers, honest Chef and pleasant Manager, Barilla restaurants in Dubai ensures that it has Stamps and Stubs as regulars after this session, especially for the Pizza and desserts!