Restaurant Review:
3rd Avenue Cafe

Dubai Mall
​Dubai, UAE

Restaurants that are a treat to the senses and not just the stomachs are restaurants that really please us! We headed to one such eatery for a tasting recently. Capturing a prime location that gives you an uninterrupted view of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains, 3rd avenue café sits pretty in the stylish fashion avenue of The Dubai Mall and boasts of a sprawling outdoor terrace that sets the stage for the beautiful fountain show and has the world’s tallest building on the other side! With such companions around you while you eat, you know you’re in for something special! With some help from the Manager Brett and server Nadia, we perused the menu and ate and drank the following at our tasting.

  • Goat Cheese Spring Roll: Spring Rolls Stuffed With Goat Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Olives And Fresh Thyme. Served With Cocktail Sauce On The Side.
  • Mini Chicken Tacos With Cheese
  • Blazing Prawns Halloumi: Marinated Baby Shrimps Coupled With Golden Brown Halloumi Cheese, Tossed And Coated In A Lightly Sweet And Spicy Secret Sauce
  • Thai Crunch Salad: Green And Red Cabbage, Thai Leaves, Celery, Carrot, Cherry, Tomato, Topped With Fresh Avocado And Crispy Rice Sticks And Tossed With Honey Mustard Sweet And Sour Dressing.
  • Emarati Risotto: World Famous Risotto Tossed In Creamy Pink Marinara Sauce With Wild Shiitake, Crimini And Portobello Mushrooms, Herbs, Asparagus, Garlic And Juicy Chicken Pieces. Garnished With A Drizzle Of Homemade Pesto.
  • Baked Chicken In Cheese

Drinks & Desserts

  • Saffron Cheesecake Milkshake
  • Pina Colada
  • Rose Lemonade
  • Caramelicious With Araqy Chocolates
  • Stack With Chocolate, Ice Cream And Coffee
  • Smash: A Meringue Ball Filled With Pavlova
  • Pistachio Basbousa With Cream, Chocolate, Pistachio Ice Cream, Rose

3rd avenue café blends the zests of cuisines from the Middle East, Asia and Europe and presents a menu filled with diversity and deliciousness. Some of our favorites from the food were the Goat cheese spring rolls, chicken and cheese tacos, Emarati Risotto and Baked chicken in cheese. The desserts are infused with some tasty Middle Eastern twists and we absolutely loved all of them! Be it the caramel or the pistachio, the Pavlova or the stacked sweet, everything boasted of unique flavors with one thing in common; great taste!

We managed to catch six fountain shows including La Vie En Rose and Hero by Enrique and were still not satiated. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our tasting at 3rd Avenue café and give the restaurant a YAY!
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